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I Play With Legos

Hello! I’m Soggysox. I love LEGO and stop motion so that’s what you will find here on my web site. My goals are simple – to have fun, learn and grow, and hopefully make others laugh in the process.

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All Legos. All the Time.

This site is dedicated to everything related to Lego brickfilms and stop motion. Plus, if you are here for a few laughs the hopefully you’ll discover that as well.

The sound a box of Lego makes is the noise of a child’s mind working, looking for the right piece. Shake it, and it’s almost creativity in aural form.


Bringing Crazy Ideas to Life

I create. You laugh. It’s that simple.

I like to make people laugh via my diverse and varied collection of Legos. Yep, it’s weird. But, I love it.

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